Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where do you order HCG?

This question has been coming up. I'm not here to advertise for anyone, but I'll be happy to tell you where I got mine. They are homeopathic HCG; sublingual drops, called EVOKE. Clicking on the name will bring you to their website.

These homeopathic HCG drops are working for me. I can't speak to any other brands because I've never tried any others. Also? Super fast shipping. That's great, so you can get it in your hot little hands while you're still all excited to get started.

Another HCG drop specific question I've been hearing is: What do they taste like?

Well, they're not yummy. I'm not tempted to down my bottle or anything. But I don't find them horrible. They actually have a kind of alcohol-y/medicinal taste to them. I know that this bothers some people. One friend I have who is also following the HCG protocol absolutely HATES them. But, not enough to stop using them. Since she's losing weight fast.

I take the same stance, actually. I mean, really, if they tasted like dog poop; they're under my tongue for a couple minutes and then they're gone. But I'm down 12 pounds in less than two weeks. With results like that, who cares what they taste like?

Yes, sweets, that is the truth. I'm down another 1.6 pounds as of this morning, and that makes my grand total 12 pounds. In less than two weeks. Looking for fast weight loss? I found it.

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