Sunday, February 27, 2011

No, I didn't die from lack of food

I'm still here!  Still eating!  I'm back in Phase 3, and stopped blogging for the past month or so, because my head was someplace else entirely.

I'll tell you what, I'm getting close to my goal, and I think my natural tendency towards self-sabotage has been kicking in.  I'm working on that. Probably anyone who does this diet should have a therapist on hand. Or at the very least, a group of really good friends who you can talk this all out with. I have the friends. And a blog, which is kind of like therapy. Right?

Anyway, a couple new things on the HCG front. First, it seems that there is a questionable batch of EVOKE HCG drops floating around. So far, two friends and one complete stranger have reported problems with their drops, all from lot number 90476. The people at EVOKE are suggesting that it could be improper storage, or body chemistry changing. However, I think that's highly unlikely, given the fact that we're dealing with three different people, who were all having the same issues, before discovering that their bottles all had the same batch number.

What issues were they having? Well, they were hungry all the time, dealing with impossible cravings and barely losing weight. They all mentioned that their drops tasted different this time, too. I'm really not sure what the problem with this batch might be, but if you're feeling like you're starving, instead of feeling good on this diet, check your lot number, and please notify the company if you have a bottle from batch 90476 and feel that it's not working. They have promised to send a new batch to one of my friends. I'll keep you guys posted on how all that pans out.

In the meantime, I had to order a new bottle of drops for my next round, and was hesitant to order EVOKE again until I knew what was going on there. I will say, now, having seen how they handled this (offering to replace the product to one person that I know of at this writing--I'll update if I learn anything about the others), I would not hesitate to order from them again in the future.  I had no problems at all on the EVOKE drops for my first two rounds.

My next round, however, I'll be using D140 Dr. Simeons Drops w/ Thyroid, Hypothalamus, Pineal Support.  I'm intrigued by the extra "support" offered with these drops, and I"m looking forward to reporting back to you guys to let you know if I'm feeling any different, better or worse, on them.

The other thing I want to tell you guys about is a little more exciting. One of  my BFFs has started an HCG cooking blog, STUFFED with yummy HCG friendly food. Stuff for Phase 2 and Phase 3. She's got everything arranged very intuitively and even goes through the trouble of letting us know when something isn't 100% protocol, by putting ROGUE in the title.

Mmmmm rogue food.

The other great thing she's doing over there, that I think more cooking blogs need to work on, is giving really basic tutorials on things that some cooks think we should all know already. Like how to make whipped cream. Or how to hard boil an egg.  Seriously, I still call my mother to find out how long to cook those stupid eggs for.

One last thing I wanted to tell you guys: I bought a pair of size 7 jeans the other day. There is a story behind that, which I shall share in a forthcoming blog. Size SEVEN y'all. I'm not there yet. But almost. :)


  1. Yay for a new entry! :) Be honest - you FIT in those size 7's!! Can't wait to hear how the D140's are.

  2. :-) I DO fit in the size 7's. As long as no one wants me to button them. LOL

  3. Congrats!
    Must feel good to go to single digit size jeans!
    So happy for you!

    (fyi- that amazon link doesnt work)

  4. So which HCG did you like the best?

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