Friday, June 8, 2012

Fowl tomatoes and house painting

Yesterday went well. It helped that I stayed INSANELY busy for most of the day.

Pee-pee yellow. See? I wasn't kidding.
My amazing parents came over to help me paint my house. I spent a good portion of my day power washing, moving things away from the house (like plants and mulch) and then painting.

We're going from pee-pee yellow to a gorgeous deep beige. I can't overstate the amazing difference a coat of paint has made.

Because of my level of busy, I was really grateful to not have to think about food all day. When I felt hungry, I snagged a banana. When I was thirsty, which was often, I grabbed some water or skim milk.

I've never been a milk drinker, but since I did Jenny Craig a couple years ago, and followed their recommendation to drink one glass of skim milk a day, I've found that I don't hate it as much as I thought.

Another discovery; if you put some chocolate flavored stevia in skim milk you have a wonderful approximation of chocolate milk. That's amazing, because I hate chocolate stevia in just about everything else.

This is something to stick under my hat for later. I try to avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners, so making good chocolate milk is a PITA most days. Unless I want to heat it and add cocoa powder, but, generally, when I want chocolate milk, it hits me, like, NOW.

So, on to today! It's "Fowl and Tomatoes" day. My husband saw that and said, "Oh, look! Tomorrow you get to eat fowl tomatoes!"

Yeah, he's a riot.

Chicken, turkey and six tomatoes. That's my diet today. And I am beyond excited for my chicken and turkey!  In fact, I had three turkey sausage links before I even had coffee this morning.

I eat a pretty high protein diet, under normal circumstances. So, cutting out meat for the past four days, and dairy for three of them, as well, really shocked my body. Shocked it into losing six pounds in four days, in fact.

I weighed myself this morning and that's where I'm at, with three days to go.

Of course, I've seen this number before. The last twenty seven times I dieted, in fact. The challenge, for me, is staying here (or lower than here) long enough to convince my body that this is better than 152 pounds.

For some reason, my body loves 152 pounds.  Maybe it's holding on to some extra fat in case there's a zombie apocalypse or something.  Pretty good forethought, but I'd rather be skinny enough to run away from them, than be able to live off my fat stores for a year or so.

After all, canned food and twinkies will survive anything.

I'm going to go eat a tomato and paint my house. What's going on in your world today?


  1. We live the same diet struggles. I get stuck around 147-150 too. I can hit 140 and then my body rebels. Im with you-- I'd rather be able to run from the zombies. Lol. I'm doing ok staying focused this round bc some lady asked me when my baby was due. I almost punched her. I wanted to tell her I've lost 45 lbs in the past year and now I'm going to therapy and it's all her fault. Ya know??

    1. Kristen you're doing so well. And I give you a ton of credit for jumping back into HCG. Three weeks on phase 2 is a little daunting to me right now. Especially with all the house stuff going on! I hope one of us figures out a way to reset this set point. LOL


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