Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yes! We have no bananas!

The title is misleading. The fact is, all we have today are bananas.  Well, that and skim milk.

I woke up this morning and a thought struck me. I can drink coffee with a ridiculous amount of skim milk in it today.

It's coffee. Despite the proclaimed love of chocolate
The truth is, I've been having a cup of coffee in the morning, because caffeine dep is just too cruel to contemplate during this diet. This is far down from my usual coffee consumption. I figure even though coffee isn't on the diet, I'm still doing better than I normally do.

I usually take my coffee with a bit of cream or a bit more of half and half. Today, it's skim milk, in an effort to stick with this as closely as possible (without giving up my coffee).

Coffee with skim milk is just bleh.

Even with half a cup of skim milk.

Who in the world thinks skim milk is a good idea for anything? It's basically white water. With some other stuff. Not a lot of other stuff.

Anyway, all skim milk angst aside (at least it's got some protein in it. I'm dying for some protein), today will be a good day of not thinking about food at all.

When I did HCG, I loved to do an apple day once in a while, because it was so no pressure. I didn't have to figure out what was for lunch or dinner. Apples!

I have a similar feeling today. It's gonna go like this. "Hmmm, I'm hungry. Banana!"

I also snagged a couple yogurts at Wegman's last night. They didn't have the Weight Watchers ones, so I got Dannon Light and Fit. We'll see how that goes.

I was going to get all preachy about the evils of artificial sweeteners, and really, they are evil. But I have a feeling I'm going to want something besides 'nanas and milk at some point today, so I decided to have a back up plan.

Also? I have a diet Pepsi habit that I need to kick.

Hard to get on my soapbox about the artificial sweeteners in yogurt when I'm drinking the same crap in soda once a day or so.

Although I didn't enjoy my morning coffee, I did have the best banana I've ever eaten in my entire life mere moments ago.

I don't hate bananas, but they're far from my go to food. In fact, I often skip them in recipes for smoothies and such, if I'm not feeling the banana flavor.

Often, I'm just not feeling the banana flavor.

Today is not one of those days.

Also, I have an idea to blend up a banana with some ice and skim milk today and try to talk myself into believing it's a protein shake.

Or maybe skipping the ice and trying to convince myself it's pudding. That might be even better.

Fruit and vegetable day went alright. I wasn't starving, which was nice. And I wasn't even really tempted to raid the kid shelf in my pantry, which is a definite improvement over where I'd been the prior two days.

I didn't really feel it till I got home from work/errands last night around 9 and sat down to watch the rest of the Devil's game with my husband. Would have been a nice spot for a beer. Instead, I had some grilled pineapple slices.

Not. The. Same.

Anyway, come back tomorrow and I'll let you know how banana and milk day went!

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