Monday, January 24, 2011

Ten pounds left, but the chocolate won't let me go!

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Holding steady at 20 pounds gone. That's fine. According to my super awesome scale, I'm also retaining water like that kid from WonderTwins.  (Have you ever seen my brother and I do our Wonder Twins impersonation? Oh you totally have to. I'll video tape it one day.)

I'm having a hard time with The Munchster this round. I did great last time, but this time, I am finding that it's easier for me to pop little things into my mouth throughout the day. I have a particularly hard time when I'm cleaning the kitchen. Or walking through the kitchen. Or thinking about the kitchen.

I'm not having huge binge cheats. The bag of Doritos I didn't get to when I was loading is still there, unopened. But, I'll snag a Hershey Kiss from my kids' snack box. Or...ugh...I found a chewy Werther's in my cabinet yesterday and snarfed it before I could even blink. 

WTH?  Trying to get my head back on straight, because these last ten pounds are going to fight me every single way possible. Sneaking pieces of chocolate isn't going to encourage my body to release them any quicker. 

So, today, lunch will be chicken soup, which I'm really looking forward to, because I've got a wicked cold coming on.  How about you? What's for lunch, folks?


  1. Yum...Chicken Soup, one of my faves! I had a Richard's Shrimp Etoufee' frozen dinner. Not sure if they have those outside of Louisiana...It's very yummy but I didn't look at the nutritional content!

  2. my lunch was pretty non-existant today, so I spent the afternoon really cranky! but i'm making up for it with dinner! one of the ladies at my office has a fully stocked candy bowl. sometimes i find piles of wrappers at my desk and wonder...when did i eat that? I must be "work walking" and grabbing candy without really noticing it! lol

    hope you have an awesome iclw week!

  3. I wish you continued success! I am currently 30 pounds down and trying to get the motivation to keep the weight loss train going. Unfortunately Conductor Carboholic seems to have stopped the train in Sugarton and there have been some delays.

    Happy ICLW!


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