Thursday, January 20, 2011

The scale lives to weigh another day...

Long day, and it's only half over. Sigh.

But, you guys, I do NOT have to drown my scale tonight. I'm down 1.8 pounds today. So, now I weigh 146.2. That's 1.2 pounds away from 20 lost.  That's 11.2 pounds away from my goal.

That's freaking awesome.

So, the HCG diet seems too good to be true, doesn't it? All those ads on TV for all those pills and supplements and diet plans and all the rest, and here's this HCG stuff, that is scarcely heard of, seems be the "miracle product" that everyone is looking for.

If I were doing one of those loud, bright commercials, the first shot you'd see would be a picture of me, probably one of the hugely embarrassing ones of me from the Dove Chocolate Discoveries conference I went to in August ("hugely" there, can be used in a couple different contexts. If you know what I mean.) And then the 146 pound me would bust through, in my size 10 mommy-waist jeans and a low cut shirt. (I have one in mind. My husband's favorite.) I'd spread my arms out wide and my grin would be even wider, and I'd say something really cheesy, like, "HCG worked for me!"

Ugh, I just shuddered at the thought of this commercial.

Anyway, then I'd go on to talk about the benefits of HCG. It'd look like this:

  • Lose a pound a day!
  • No hunger!
  • No dangerous chemicals or compounds!
  • Enjoy amazing food and fabulous recipes!
  • Eat out and still lose weight!
It would say all that, with the little asterisk, you know. *Results not typical


These results ARE typical.  I haven't met ANYONE who hasn't lost weight on this diet. If you follow the protocol, you can't help it.  

Give me another couple weeks, and I'll change this commercial. Instead of wearing my husband's favorite shirt and size 10 jeans, I'll be in a bathing suit. 

(Not a bikini. I've had two kids. A bikini will never happen again. I'm cool with that.)

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