Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Magic Roller Coaster Ride

Down a little, up a little, down a little, up a little.


I have decided that I was entirely too rough on my poor womanly functions last time around. My weight loss has followed the exact same pattern this round, without a visit from AF.  So, maybe it wasn't my period's fault that my weight loss slowed down.

I'm forever preaching about reading Dr. S' book and following it to the letter. You'd think I'd have believed him when he said that the weight loss will slow down as you get closer to a healthy weight!

In any case, I'm still 20 pounds from where I started, and have decided that it's highly unlikely that I'll lose my last 10 pounds in the next 10 days, which is when my period is supposed to start back up. So I'm going to keep on keeping on, I think, and push right through that week.  We'll see how it goes.

I'll tell you what, it is HARD to stick to this diet when you're not losing a good amount a day. It's even HARDER when the scale creeps back up some. But, I still fully believe that it is totally worth it.  I mean, hello! I haven't been 145 pounds since after my little monster was born. I think. I don't even know for sure that I hit it then.

I am finding it harder to stick to protocol this round, but I think it's all mental. I KNOW it's all mental. I'm going to spend some time today in prayer and meditation and try to get my head on straight.  Other than that, it's all about swimming. You know, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming....just keep swimming, swimming, swimming." :-)

Oh! Look what I found! The HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook: Over 200 "Low Calorie" Recipes for the "HCG Phase"  I'll be ordering that, and requesting super quick shipping, I think!  Also pulling some great recipes from The Liquid HCG Diet page. Just click on the HCG recipes tab at the top of the page.

Off to drink my second glass of water and get my poor dog fed. He's like, "Really, woman, I'M not on a diet!"

Smoochies and Huggles!


  1. You're doing great!!! Keep it up. Oh, and go feed your dog before he moves out.

  2. LOL Jaime, if he moves out, I'm sending him straight you your house. (Maybe he'll bring back brownies.... LOL )

  3. I had never heard of the HCG protocol until I read about it here. I looked up the website, and man, that's drastic. When I was told that I had a fatty liver and basically I was going to get liver disease and die unless I lost weight, I finally agreed to go on a physician monitored weight loss program with diet pills. I was told the diet pills would give me energy. No, nada. What they have done is made it easier for me to eat less at mealtime and to be satisfied with a small portion of dessert. Of course, it doesn't help to diet when I went in to get my little lava cake that my husband had heated up for me and he told me he inserted three mini candy bars before heating it up. ::sigh:: What I need to do more is exercise, but it's too darn cold right now and when it warms up it's either (a) raining or (b) we have something else we have to do. I couldn't do the HCG thing for long, but I'm thinking it could be something to do for a day or two to kick-start some weight loss when I reach a plateau.

    IComLeavWe #104

  4. If you do want to try the HCG diet to jump start when you hit a plateau, make sure you read all the links I've posted in the sidebar. You have to stay on it for 23 days, or you'll gain more than you've lost ;-)


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