Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dr. Oz talks HCG

Did you catch Dr. Oz talking about the HCG diet recently? If you missed it, you can catch the entire segment, in a few parts, here.

Dr. Oz isn't typically my favorite talk show host, but I did appreciate the treatment he gave the HCG diet. He basically says that, while no studies have been done that show that this stuff works, the results he sees from people who have done it prove that this stuff works.  He advocates against the homeopathic versions you can get on the internet, and suggests instead, that we all spend upwards of a thousand bucks to get the injections of real HCG from a physician who can monitor our progress.

Well, that's a nice thought, but I don't have that kind of money, and the HCG drops certainly seem to be working for me.

Side note, remember those size 12 jeans I was so ecstatic to get into shortly before Christmas? Well, my BFF is wearing them today, and I couldn't be more excited for her!  (So much so, that I'm mentioning it in my blog. That is love, folks. ;-) )

Today I had ground beef, with cabbage and tomatoes for lunch, which reminds me so much of my grandmother's stuffed cabbage, I get a little misty when I eat it.  Tonight it's garlic chicken and spinach.

What did you eat today? Did you sneak any of your kids' goldfish crackers? (I ask because I had to talk myself down from them before, myself!) Are you drinking enough water?

Summer's almost here! Who's going to be wearing a bathing suit at the beach with me?!

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